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Wednesday, May 06 2020

What To Do When A Payroll Prospect
Ghosts You During The COVID-19 Crisis

(Print And Share With Your Sales Team)
By Glenn Fallavollita, President - & Drip Marketing, Inc.

  • Word Count: 444
  • Time To Read: 1.8 Minutes

As much as we think the COVID-19 crisis is winding down, the sales process has come to a complete stop for the payroll industry.  And getting ghosted is just a fact of life right now for many payroll salespeople; therefore,  if someone is ignoring you, don’t take it personally. Remember, people are on their schedule when buying what you sell, not yours.

Sample e-Mail To Resurrect A Prospect Who Ghosted You.

If a payroll prospect hasn’t returned any of your calls or e-mails, it wouldn’t hurt to send them a “What Should I Do” e-mail (see below):

Subject line: (prospect first name), Can You Help Me?

Dear (prospect’s first name),

I was thinking about you today as I wanted to quickly follow-up on the proposal I sent to you prior to the COVID-19 crisis. Although we would love to have you as a client, I was wondering what would be the best way to follow-up with you.

To make it easy, just hit the reply key and then type the corresponding number from the list below:

  1. We are still interested in your payroll/timekeeping/HCM system, but my team and I haven't had the time to review your proposal yet; therefore, give me a call in 3 weeks
  2. We are putting this project on hold for the next few months; follow-up with me in 75 – 90 days.
  3. I have fallen, and I can’t get up. Call 9-1-1 for me.

With all kidding aside, I understand that you are dealing with a lot of issues right now, and the last thing I want to do is be unprofessional in my follow-up. That said, I would appreciate it if you will take a moment to let me know what you are thinking.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Warmest Regards,

(Your name, title, etc.)

It Is Time To Move On?

If the prospect still ghosts you after sending the above-mentioned e-mail, it’s time to move on. Although some consider ghosting unprofessional, here is the truth: They are not interested in buying what you are selling and just don’t want to tell you “no.” Remember, this is their issue, not yours.

The Best Thing You Can Do To Offset “Ghosting” Are These Two Things…

  1. Have a massive pipeline of sales opportunities.
  2. Create a drip marketing system that stays in constant contact with EVERYONE in your database, including the ones who have ghosted you - done via e-mail and direct mail.

Executive Summary: Don’t wait too long to start building back up your sales pipeline. As I tell all of our payroll industry clients, your sales team's sales pipeline is their life. That said, have them start focusing on building it back up. 

About The Author:

Glenn Fallavollita is a payroll industry sales and marketing expert and a nationally recognized keynote speaker providing money-making advice to help HCM and payroll professionals build more profitable relationships with their database of referral partners and clients.

Glenn is the president of and Drip Marketing, Inc. and has written three books, Supercharge Your Payroll Sales NOW!, Stop Whining AND Start Selling, Drip Marketing: A Powerful New Marketing Strategy That Gets Prospects To Buy From You. He also writes blogs for LinkedIn and other national websites.

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