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It Takes More Than A Newsletter
To Market Your Payroll /HCM Business In 2021.

Is your digital marketing strategy just a newsletter blast to everyone in your e-mail database?  If it is, it's costing your business a small fortune in lost sales opportunities and client referrals. Why? Because 90% or more of your prospects are NOT opening your newsletter, and only 1.5% are clicking on an article to read more/visiting your website (1.5 people out of 100).  

Our Drip Marketing System 10.0 Will Generate More Sales Leads And Referrals For Your Payroll/HCM Business. . .

Our payroll industry Drip Marketing System 10.0 is a proprietary blend of e-mail marketing campaigns and sales tools that will: 

  1. Get more prospects and referral partners to open your e-mails.
  2. Allow your salespeople to make "warm" calls versus "cold" calls. 
  3. Customized (and personalized) e-mail campaigns designed to generate more referrals/leads for you.

If your business isn’t top-of-mind when someone is ACTIVELY seeking a payroll/HCM solution, the sale or referral will go to a competitor and NOT you.

Our Drip Marketing System 10.0 Generated $2.6 Million (Yes, Million) In Added Revenue For Our Clients. 

Our exclusive
 Drip Marketing System 10.0  is designed to help you prospect smarter for new payroll clients and referrals. In fact, this marketing system is so powerful; it has helped our clients generate an extra $2.6 million in top-line sales as it's loaded with:

  • Hot payroll and HCM industry newsletters.
  • Client birthday and anniversary cards.
  • Sales letters that target prospects, CPAs, chamber members, EAs, and more.
  • Customized client surveys.
  • Customized press releases.
  • Prospecting and CPA "Get To Know Us" drop-off kits.
  • And tons more.  

"In one call with Glenn Fallavollita, President of, he added more value in 45 minutes on ways to generate First Time Appointments (FTAs) than what I could do in 45 days.”  
Andy Zelt - President/CEO
Axiom Human Resource Solutions 

Want To See Our Drip Marketing System 10.0 In Action? 

If you are an owner of a payroll service or HCM business who's interested in learning how we can increase your payroll service’s sales, contact us today to schedule your online Zoom demonstration of our proven marketing system as we can offer: 

  • Hot (and engaging) payroll industry content (100% original).
  • Free smartphone app.
  • Best-in-class e-mail marketing technology. 
  • Customized client surveys, e-press releases, e-sales letters, and e-newsletters.
  • Free social media content.
  • Free business card scanning app.
  • Campaign results that are sent right to your inbox.

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Want to learn more about our marketing system?  If you do, schedule your 15-minute demo today. Click Here To Schedule Your Demo. is an active member of the is an active member of the TPG. Products
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