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It's Time To
Re-Build Your Sales Pipeline!

As America begins to re-open, it's time to start re-building your payroll service's sales pipeline. Unfortunately, many payroll services are sending the same tired message to their database of prospects and expect stellar sales results. 

Our Post-COVID-19 Content Will Help Position Your Payroll Service As A Trusted Subject Matter Expert.

Our payroll industry Drip Marketing System 2.0  is the fastest and most cost-effective way to build trust, credibility, and brand recognition in the marketplace.  We offer:

  • Payroll Industry Alert Newsletters (PPP Information, HR Topics, Payroll Tips, Etc.)
  • Prospecting Sales Letters
  • CPA Sales Letters
  • Benefit Broker Intro Letters
  • Client Surveys
  • And Tons More

In addition, we can provide you the best-in-class e-mail technology to maximize open rates and reader engagement. Nobody, and we mean nobody, will deliver the results that we do. 

"In one call with Glenn Fallavollita, President of, he added more value in 45 minutes on ways to generate First Time Appointments (FTAs) than what I could do in 45 days.”  Andy Zelt - President/CEO - Axiom Human Resource Solutions 

Our President's Books. . . is an active member of the

FREE 2020 Payroll Sales Growth Kit.

This exclusive 20-page kit (sent as a .PDF) contains the following must-read sections from 17 years of experience in helping the payroll service industry:

  • Sample Payroll Vehicle Wraps (With Pictures)
  • 48 Low-Cost Sales And Marketing Ideas
  • How To Ask A Client For A Google 5-Star Review
  • How To Find Businesses Using A Payroll Service
  • Why You Need To Hire A Sales Hunter

Click here to request your 2020 payroll service bureau sales growth kit. is an active member of the TPG. Products
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