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It's Time You Stopped Overpaying For Your Payroll Service's Newsletter Blast!

Are you looking for a low-cost newsletter to help market your buisness? 

If you are, we can offer you a series of professionally branded and written e-mail newsletters starting as low as $99.    

Monthly Newsletter

  • Our professional copywriting team has created a digital marketing warehouse containing hundreds of hot payroll articles/alerts and special call-to-action offers.
    • Payroll Tax Issues
    • PPP Loan And Employee Retention Credit Requirements
    • IRS Updates And Links
    • Time Clock
    • HR-Related Ideas
    • HR Admin Solutions
    • Payroll Compliance
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Issues
    • Employee Engagement Ideas
    • Talent Acquisition Strategies
    • And Scores More!
  • Daily Social Media Articles
    • We'll automatically send you a hot article to post every business day to your LinkedIn and/or Facebook page.
  • Free Sales Follow-up Scripts
  • Free Campaign Scheduling
  • Free Smartphone App
    • Business Card Scanning App
    • Instant Dial/Call Feature (Clients, Prospects, And Referral Partners)
    • View Campaign Results In Real-Time
  • Free Online Dashboard To Monitor Your e-Mail Databases & Open/Click-Through Rates
    • View Campaign Results In Real-Time
    • Ability To Design, Write And Send Unlimited Number Of e-Mail Campaigns
    • Ability To Download A Complete List (Excel) For Follow-Up

Choose The Option* That's Right For You!

Option 1

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Create And Send Unlimted Campaigns
  • Free Scheduling Of Campaigns

* Request your free quote today. 

Option 2

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • e-Holiday Card Package (5 holiday e-cards will be added to your account per year)
  • Create And Send Unlimted Campaigns
  • Free Scheduling Of Campaigns

Option 3

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Holiday Card Package (5 e-cards per year)
  • (20 Per Month) 3rd Party Social Media Articles For Posting To Your LinkedIn/Facebook Account
  • (4 Per Month) Custom Written Social Media Messages For Posting To Your LinkedIn/Facebook Account
  • Create And Send Unlimted Campaigns
  • Free Scheduling Of Campaigns
  • Free Sales Follow-Up Scripts

NEW: More Features & Integration

  • Professionally written e-newsletters and e-holiday cards branded to you and your business.
  • Ability to physically print (.PDF) your e-newsletter for e-mailing or networking events. 
  • Automatic scheduling of your campaigns.
  • A password-protected dashboard to ensure complete database security.
  • Your campaigns are automatically sent to the subscribers who "did not open" your initial e-mail campaign. 
  • Dynamic formatting for smartphones and tablets.
  • Unlimited hands-on help from our Client Liaison team.
  • No limits to your e-mail database size.
  • Unlimited access to free pictures and templates.
  • You can instantly post all newsletters to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. page. 
  • Ability to create and send your own custom content.
  • Branded e-mail newsletter sign-up form.
  • Online dashboard for real-time open rate metrics and reporting tools.
  • A company that is passionate about growing your sales (priceless). 

Get Real-Time Open Rate Reports

You'll have the ability to manage your e-mail marketing efforts in real-time via a personal dashboard.  More importantly, you will get to see who opened each e-mail campaign in real-time, what hyperlinks they clicked, and what time a campaign was opened. 

Special Features:

  • Open and click-through rate reports.
  • Most engaging subject line.
  • Ability to create an instant list of “did not open” subscribers to increase reader engagement.
  • Ability to download a list of e-mail addresses/contacts for post-campaign follow-up
  • Free sales scripts to help augment your follow-up efforts.
  • Smartphone/mobile device versus desktop open rate.
  • Results can be sorted by open rate, date sent, total sent, click-through rate, bounce rate, or unsubscribe rate.
  • To learn more about your options and pricing, contact us right now.

Free Smartphone App

Our free smartphone app gives you the ability to call a hot prospect or client right from your smartphone; plus, you will be able to:

  • Business card scanner (great when you/your salespeople are in the field)
  • Read the time and date each e-mail has been opened.
  • Find someone's address, phone number, website, and e-mail address.
  • Call a hot prospect or client right from your phone (you will love this feature).
If you have questions or would like more information about this special offer, please send us your name and contact information.
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